Who We Are

Hundreds of thousands of relocations are performed globally each year. The only one you are concerned about is your own. 

Relocating internationally is not rocket science. But it is complex. Our company was founded because we recognized that many professionals and their families relocating internationally wanted and needed  better managed relocations, better guidance, and to be better prepared for life as an expat.

Our team comprises experts who originate from all over the World, have lived and worked in multiple countries, and understand countries and cultures from both local and expat perspectives. 

We have experienced the process of relocating across borders ourselves, recognize how important preparation is to settling in successfully, know how to overcome the hurdles that will be encountered, and understand how important it is to you to have a partner in the process, always available to listen to your questions and concerns and provide answers and solutions. 

Working directly with individuals, employers and relocation management companies, International Relocation Partners LLC provides executive services including Dedicated Relocation Specialists, Relocation Decision Assistance, Contract & Allowance Assistance, and Be Prepared! Training to help you and your family understand the relocation process and what life as an expat holds for you, long before you set foot on the plane.