Dedicated Relocation Specialist

The Dedicated Relocation Specialist is an all encompassing partner in your international relocation.

 When the basic services offered by the Relocation Management Company are not enough, and you and your spouse don’t have the time to juggle work, children, daily life, as well as supervise the complex project that is your relocation, let the Dedicated Relocation Specialist take control. 

We provide the comprehensive oversight and day to day management that is necessary to ensure the relocation progresses as it should, leaving you to concentrate on your day job. We will guide you through every step of the way, liaise on your behalf with the many companies that will be playing a part in your move, and better prepare you for life in a new country.

We work directly with employers seeking to reduce the risk of poorly managed relocations and assignment failures, as well as relocation management companies wanting to offer specialized premium services to their clients. Contact us to learn more about how the Dedicated Relocation Specialist can make your next international relocation a success.