Contract & Allowance Assistance

Congratulations! You’ve been offered an international assignment and are thinking about the next few years that you’ll be experiencing a new country and all it has to offer you and your family. 

Before signing the employer’s agreement taking you overseas, describing your new role, detailing allowances and services for the relocation, now is the time to determine whether it actually provides the financial coverage and contractual protections needed for eventualities you may face.

Most assignments are completed successfully. But what will happen if the assignment doesn’t work out? What will happen if you are made redundant? What happens if your parents fall ill?

With Contract & Allowance Assistance we walk you through these and many more scenarios that you and your family could conceivably experience during your assignment. It allows you to assess whether your contract of employment sufficiently protects you. Then, if something does happen, it could save you a lot of emotional, practical and financial heartache.