The Look-See Trip – Part Three

The Look-See Trip – Part Three

June 12, 2018 Be Prepared! 0

The final article in our three part series about Look-See trips discusses what you can hope to accomplish in the short, but important time available.

What Should You Accomplish?

Be realistic. You will not be able to achieve everything you want or need to during your brief visit. But completing some core tasks will help ease the relocation later on.


One of the biggest decisions that you will make during your relocation is choosing your future home. Use your look-see visit to kickstart the house hunt. This can help limit, or entirely eliminate the time you spend in hotels and corporate housing, easing the transition and reducing your costs. 

What To Bring

As you explore potential homes, take note of their size, the provided fixtures and furnishings, as well as their accessibility. This will help you determine which household belongings you should bring, and more importantly, which you should not.

Day Care

If you will be in need of Day Care services, visit potential providers to meet the caregivers and tour the facilities. Day Care providers oftentimes also have waiting lists.

Transportation & Commute

The location of your new home will dictate your commute. Make some trial runs from potential neighborhoods during rush hour to get a feel for how long it will take and what riding the bus, train or driving the car will be like. 

If you will be using public transport frequently and the system offers a smart travel card (such as Oyster in London, or Washington DC’s SmarTrip), take the opportunity to obtain one for each family member so that you can get used to its operation during your look-see visit. It will be one less thing to worry about when you relocate.

Getting Ready for Daily Life

If you have been able to sign a lease, or at least narrowed down your field of options, it is worth exploring the neighborhood for essential services. Find out where the local grocery stores, bus and metro stops are, and if you have younger children to placate during those difficult first few days, local parks and playgrounds. If you need a parking permit, check to see whether this can be obtained in advance, or at least understand the application process and its requirements.  

Try out some nearby cafes and restaurants during your look-see trip and chat with the owners and locals. It is unlikely you will be able to prepare every meal in your new home immediately upon your relocation, and revisiting these establishments after you’ve made the move can provide a much needed sense of familiarity. 

Take Some Time

At the end of your visit, if the schedule allows, wander around your favorite neighborhoods, sit in a cafe and people watch, and explore local shops to see what’s available, both familiar and unfamiliar. The look-see visit can be a whirlwind where everything blends together. It is important to take time out, take in your surroundings and absorb everything you are experiencing. Whilst stressful at times, you are about to experience a huge life event. Take a step back and enjoy it.