making international relocations work

Helping To Successfully Relocate Your Employees And Their Families Around The World

What We do

Learn about the services we offer and how we can help facilitate successful international relocations.

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Solutions for SMEs

Our services for Small and Medium sized businesses that have just a handful of international assignments.

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For Individuals

Understand whether an international assignment is right for you, and what to look for in your agreement.

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The Bulletin

Read our regularly published articles offering insight into relocations, the industry, challenges, and expat life.

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Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Relocation Services for SMEs

Are you a small or medium sized company with only a handful of international assignees? Is a global Relocation Management Company beyond your means, but you don’t know where to start and need some expert guidance? 

Let International Relocation Partners LLC be the solution and help you understand and navigate the process of relocating your employees internationally. We will work with your company and your employee to plan, manage and execute the assignment. Our professional partners provide assistance with specialist services, including tax and immigration, ensuring compliance and expertise every step of the way. 

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VIP & Executive Services

Dedicated Relocation Specialist

Its confirmed. You are relocating overseas to start an assignment on behalf of your employer. Everything from this point onwards is a sprint; to plan, prepare, move and settle in. But you also have a day job. So does your partner. And besides, you have never lived overseas before and don’t fully understand what’s involved. Your company is providing a host of relocation services, but who is really keeping track of them all? And which one is truly representing the interests of you and your family? 

Meet your Dedicated Relocation Specialist.

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What Else We Do

Relocation Decision Assistance

Learn about international relocations, what you need to consider, and whether it could be the right move for you & your family. 

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Contract & Allowance Assistance

Are you protected for every eventuality during your overseas assignment? Negotiate the right terms and allowances for your contract.

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Working With Partners

Utilizing our knowledge and expertise, we work with partners to develop new services and improve the client experience. 

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